Saturday, September 5, 2015

Silver Spring

Silver Spring is a nice place in Maryland, that I love to go to. It has lots of good places to eat and drink coffee and diet soda, like Zed's CafĂ©. It also has a nice Safeway, where I like to shop for groceries. Please read this article on Wikipedia to help you learn about it.,_Maryland

How to Feel Happier And Care Less

I found this fantastic video, Infinite Waters, on the Youtube, and I think you should have a look at it. Ralph Smart is a thinker, who helps people learn to live and be happier in life.

8-foot-long bull shark caught in the Potomac River

[From the Washington Post]

I saw this article online, and I think its very sad to see the shark get caught in the Potomac river, because sharks are supposed to swim in the deep ocean, eating little fish. The river is too shallow.

I felt bad.

Please have a look at the article in the Post, below.

8-foot-long bull shark caught in the Potomac River - The Washington Post